Reflections : Devlog #2

The design phase for the game is in full swing. I am trying to decide on different level variations and player abilities. The only interaction that the player will have with the game is through the keyboard. The entire focus would be on the core mechanics. This is my first foray into minimalistic design and I hope to pull it off. The timeline for this project is around 3-4 months.

Reflections is meant to be a word puzzle. A typing game with a Twist, where players are presented with transformed letters/words (mirror images, horizontal and vertical transformations) etc. And they would need to type the word correctly using an on screen keyboard(in case of mobile) or a physical keyboard (in case of PC).

Here is some of the initial rough design I wrote on paper. (Pardon the horrible handwriting)


The overall look and feel of the game is supposed to be very relaxing. I aim to give it a zen like feeling with the visual and sound effects.

Also i managed to implement and test the core gameplay on the mobile device. It comes out to be good but still a long way to go. Watch the short video below.

I will be updating the devlog at regular intervals with the progress I make on this game. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Would really love any kind of C&C.


Reflections : Devlog #1

Announcing our next project – Reflections. Its a minimalistic text puzzle game which will test the player’s spatial transformation and mental rotation skills. A typing game with a Twist.┬áThe idea occurred during a flight where I tried to read a text on a cup which was placed upside down. Learnado da Vinci used this technique of mirror writing to journalize some of his works. Though its believed he used it as means of encryption (which is quite lame) there are also references that he used the technique as he was a left hander and did not want the ink to smear as he wrote from the left to the right (makes more sense) .

The game will be released on mobile devices and PC. It will contain single player and multiplayer modes.  Stay tuned to get a detailed view and exclusive coverage of the development process.