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An indie game development & publishing studio based in Jamshedpur, India.

Founded in 2016,we are a group of three people coming from different backgrounds,working together to do things that we love: Create games. In a community dominated by one of the genders , we are actually the opposite where two of the three foudning members are girls. The office is situated at the outskirts of the city at the foothills of the Dalma mountains. The scenic view, fresh air and the sense of calmness does harness our creativity and provide us with the much needed break from the urban lifestyle; where the team can actually work in a pretty relaxing environment. We keep growing by the day and are pretty excited to create games for players from all over the world.

Simply put, We Create Games. Any kind of game as long as it is interesting and fun to play. We are never shy to experiment with something new. The pleasure and happiness one gets by creating a game. The journey itself from the concept to the design to the end product is very fascinating and rewarding. And of course we love when our games are loved by the players and they enjoy playing it as much as we enjoy making them.

We are also into publishing games and collaborating with developers and creative people from all over the world. As long as the concept is unique and the game is interesting we are always happy to collaborate and help in any way we can. The studio's principle is to bring great games to the people and hence we are always on the lookout for something which compliments this belief.

Want to work with us? Got a great idea which you want to see being converted to a game? Or an unpolished project which you really want to see succeed. You are more than welcome to come join the team and work remotely with us. We know how tough it can be for a newcomer to break into the industry. Hence we provide an opportunity to anyone from anywhere in the world. If you are passionate and have the talent, and want to work on video games feel free to get in touch. Shoot us a mail at our contact page to know more.