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Development & Production : Flying Ants Studios
Location : Jamshedpur, India
Founding date : March, 2017
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Releases : Rig’s Dream (Available on iOS, Android & PC) , Aqua Pump (Available on iOS, Android & PC)
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Flying Ants Studios is an indie game development studio and publisher based in Jamshedpur, India. The aim of the studio is to innovate and experiment with ideas and concepts and to make games that are not confined to one genre.


The studio was formed in 2016 by three members coming from different backgrounds and two of the three founding members are women (a rarity in the gaming world).

Rig’s Dream

The journey started in May 2016 where the idea was conceived and later refined through endless brainstorming sessions between the three members. A decision was taken to create an adventure RPG game based on words. The studio wanted to bring something different to mobile gaming. With limited resources and close to zero prior experience the team started working on the project; The game was released on 24th March 2017 on Android, 6th April 2017 on iOS and 27th April 2017 for PC.

Aqua Pump

This is our first game as a publisher. It is created by Michaela Dodd. We met her at a forum where she was looking for some help. We picked it up from there and collaborated to bring this to worldwide audience. One of the core principles of the studio is to collaborate with creatives all over the world and bring different games for people to enjoy; and this is just a beginning of a long journey.


The team is now working on their next in house title "Hit me" which is a no-brainer arcade style game.


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Rig's Dream - Official Trailer

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Aqua Pump - Trailer


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